Help Centre Ukraine

Dear Madams,
Dear Sirs,

The management of Help Centre Belgium has been working for many days on the second stage of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, so thank you for your patience and for waiting for answers.

We are at a very advanced stage of organising the humanitarian point, representing both Belgians and Poles.

We have a sense of community with the country that hosts us all, and gratitude for the huge amount of support in this action, as well as the obligation to ensure that the aid reaches the places that urgently need our action. The place of our direct humanitarian action will be Warsaw, while the destination of medical aid and support for civil defence remains Ukraine.

We are resuming the “Help Centre Ukraine” action, asking for your support again on the following terms:

Help as an individual
(private – small collection)

Help as a corporate, shop, group, …
(large – organized collection)